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House of Horrors by bigton House of Horrors by bigton
This here's our porch, allll decorated and now with red lights!

(Not so) Fun Fact: The wolfman there was almost fuckin' stolen from us. My mom uses grey, white, and black fabrics on the sides of our porch to give it a haunted feel. 

So, one night, my mom thought that it was the fabric making shadows on the windows. Then she heard a bang on the porch and ran out to see. 

We hang up our mannequins on metal wire so that they can stand up and it isn't unheard of that the wire comes loose and lets the mannequins fall, she wasn't very bothered until she saw the wire was cut and frayed and a small pick-up screamed down the road like a bat outta unholy hell. 

They almost had our wolfman, if they'd pulled him oevr the wall (right infront of him, he was hanging mostly off of it) they'd of had him. 

But they made off with a row of our skull porchlights. 

We were all livid, we couldn't sleep for a week and I had constant nightmares and wouldjump outta bed at every sound. I almost took it far enough to take my buck knife downstairs and sleep in the recliner to scare off people who'd come and try to steal our shit. 

My momma called an officer over to the house and she (officer) said that our house isn't likely the only one hit, as it's a homecoming season. She said she'd keep an eye out for any trouble or pickups like the one we saw. 
Whisper292 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome decorations! It's just a shame you had to deal with thieves. People are assholes. I think that's starting to be my motto.
bigton Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014   Artist
The thieves didn't hamper our spirits, we had about 50 or so kids come up and had many scares! :) Some people even said that they saved our house for last saying ours is the best they'd seen. :) 
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October 28, 2014
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