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Ajax, Zenithar's Exemplar by bigton Ajax, Zenithar's Exemplar by bigton
You MAY NOT use my pictures on any other site or reupload them to your own gallery. I don't mind if my pictures inspire you, matter of fact I'm happier for it, but this picture stays in my gallery. Do not take it. )

Name: Ajax 

Height: 7 foot tall

Weight: 500 pounds (250 pounds muscle, 250 pounds fat) (nude) 

Age: 500 years of age

Birthday: 7th of Mid Year 3E 100

Species: Giant/Orsimer. Werebear. (Mother was an Orcish Werebear, father was a Giant.)

Occupation: Ajax is the oldest, most experienced, and most respected Knight of Iron/Priest of Zenithar. He lives Zenithar's message everyday, he supports the honest worksman, farmer, craftsmen, and other honest occupations. He gives gold to those in need and gives them the advice and groundwork for a job, he demonstrates how a job is done, and he says "I've given you a chance. Do not fuck this up." and more often than not, the persons he helps succeed and find faith with Zenithar. Many in the Resolution (Temples of Zenithar) have named Ajax as "The Exemplar of Zenithar", the patriarch of their order. Ajax is a master craftsmen of most materials and what he isn't a master of he tries to learn more about it.

Religion: Zenithar  (Knight of Iron, A Warrior-Priest)

Likes: Nature, nature watching, reading, gardening, blacksmithing, swimming. Alchemy, building, mining, woodwork, anything to do with adventuring, crafting, hunting, building, and combat.)

Dislikes: Liars, cheats, unfaithfulness, disloyalty, dishonor, Draugr, Thalmor, Black-Briar family, Thieves Guild(s).

Physical traits: Ajax isn't a normal Orc, he's very large bodily and has wide broad shoulders, longer than normal arms and legs, and large hands. His body is very muscular and fatty, half muscled and half fat in terms of weight. His body is wide, powerful, and he uses it to great effect in combat. His tusks are shorter than what most orcs have, and as such he can fully close his mouth unlike most Orcs whom usually have their mouths open due to their lower jaws. 

Ajax is very sharp mentally and thinks tactically. 

He has many scars, due to his long years of combat. 

He looks younger than what most would think a 5 century old Orc to look like, as his hair is only barely beginning to grey and his skin is not mottled with pock marks and scars or deep ridges that would entail an older Orc. 

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Aliases: Old Hog, Old Knight, Gargantua.

Prefered armor/Weapons: Ajax wears a custom crafted and enchanted suit of Bear Motif armor and wields a four-headed hammer. He's never seen far from either and is almost always in his armor. Even when sleeping. 

Civil War: Proud Imperial Legionnaire. Ajax retired some time ago from the Legion, but during an attack on Whiterun, Ajax, furious at the sight of people being hurt and the attack coming in such a way, leapt over the walls and took the war to the Stormcloaks in teh form of a big hammer, 500 pounds of furious Orc, and a heap of Orcish Berserker Rage. Afterword, he retrieved his pugio and rejoined with the Legion, eventually winning them the war and giving them much of his collected expertise and knowledge in crafting. 

Marital Status: Single. His Wife of 200 years, Anyala, was KIA in the Great War and Ajax is currently trying to find a way to save her soul from the Soul Cairn. 

Sexual orientation: Bisexual.

Fighting style: Ajax mostly uses his hammer or hands to fight. If he needs to, though, he has the unique ability to half transform into his Werebear form, giving him thicker fur, stronger jaws and muscles, and better senses. As such, Ajax often will tear his enemies apart with his teeth and claws when he needs to. Ajax is very fast, especially for his size and armor type, and as such can circle around an enemy quickly to get an enemy off guard. 

As well as this, Ajax is a fine Battlemage. He is capable of using destruction magics to lay traps, quick-enchant his hammer, and lay down walls of fire/frost/lightning to rout his enemies to a bottle neck where he THRIVES. Another mode of combat he is accomplished in is archery, using a custom-made bow and quiver of arrows to quietly take out enemies or hunt game. 

Personality: Ajax is kind, he's moralle in an Orcish body. He makes people smile, he gives them advice and he will often act as a sort of father to people should they need him. He's a bit gruff and won't sugar coat his words, but he doesn't look to outright offend anyone. He's steadfast in his beliefs and won't change them for anyone. Ajax at first may seem mad, senile, but when you get past his jokes and sometimes random mumbling you get a sense of the warmaster that he is. 

As he's been travelling, fighting, crafting, and surviving for centuries, Ajax is extremely smart and also extremely ruthless. He will often frown when thinking and even squint his eyes a bit as if he's looking into the sun but when he completes a thought then his face sets back right and he gets onto what he was thinking of. 

If you're an honest person whom does honest work, or if you're down on your luck and in need of assistance to get back down on your feet, Ajax will be the first to help you. Though he expects you to do what he damned well set you to do, he's lenient on those whom he's trying to assist. Just don't jerk him around unless you want to get a scolding like one would get from an angry parent. 

Ajax holds crafting in a sense that expecting parents do having a child. He doesn't throw away weapons nor will he tolerate such an act as throwing away a weapon or piece of armor. He creates weapons, armor, and other items such as jewelery or even clothing with painstaking accuracy and care and treats everything he crafts as though it has its own soul, he tries to make every piece he crafts better than the last and show them the proper respect. 

Ajax won't let abuse of any person slide. If he witnesses someone abusing another, he will step in and give the abuser (no matter whom they are) a good talking to. Abusing children, often ends with the person(s) whom did it losing a hand (or in the case of multiple people, hands) or having said hand(s) severely damaged. Ajax is protective of children (for reasons he won't go into detail about) and will try to assist children in any way possible. 

Weaknesses/fears: Undead, necromancy, children in danger, losing a loved one or a friend, abandonement, helplessness, blindness.

Abilities: Transmutation. Can turn Iron ore into Steel or Silver, Silver into Gold and Steel into Orichalcum. Master Craftsman. Mechanics. Ability to ignore physical pain in battle though this sometimes comes at a price, including him almost dying. 

Notable traits: Sense of honor. Follows a strict code of conduct. Morals don't override mission. Friendly and caring to friends, hateful and unmerciful to enemies though won't fight an unarmed opponent unless he, too, is unarmed. 

Personality: Despite all the horrible things that Ajax has seen, done, experienced, etc. he's still very kind and is quite funny. He has a smile on his face at most times, unless he's in a fight which then he will usually frown or simply have no expression at all. He's also brutally honest, he won't sugar coat his words and will give his opinions should he be asked. 

As a warrior merchant, blacksmith, and Knight of Iron, Ajax is devout to the belief that hard, honest work is the best work. Thieves are not tolerated and will usually have their hands destroyed if he catches them. If a friend of his was or is a thief, he won't kill them..but he will be extremely dissapointed and will distance himself from that person with a warning: "Your hands come anywhere near me, I will destroy you. Stop your thieving ways, or I will end them for you." Unless the person proves themselves that they've given up thieving and will work honestly, Ajax will half-heartedly hunt the person. He protects merchants, blacksmiths, and others whom fall under Zenithar's influence. 

Ajax works without complaint, loving the feeling of being able to rest after a long spans honest work, especially for the benefit of others. He mines, crafts, and builds for cities and towns should they ask and pay him appropriately for said job. Including using his long web of contacts to get supply chains up and running. 

Bio: Ajax was born and raised in Falkreath in Cracked Tusk Keep, created by his Mother, Urog Cracked-Tusk. Unlike the Orcish strongholds which worshipped Malacath exclusively and were highly patriarchal, Cracked Tusk Keep was more accepting. You got respect based on your amount of work and the quality of it. Urog was a devotee of Zenithar, the God of Commerce and work. 

Ajax was raised as a hunter, a blacksmith, and an honest merchant. He used every part of the animals he hunted for food and supplies, diagramed his weapons and armor with painstaking accuracy, learned alchemy to better enhance his armors, weapons, and himself. Eventually he began to learn magic, restoration and destruction, for his use. As well as that he uses enchanting to enhance his armor and weapons even farther with arcane power. 

At the age of Twenty, Cracked Tusk Keep was invaded. Bandits swarmed the place killing or kidnapping most men, women and children. Ajax and his mother..weren't so lucky. 

Ajax was bound, his legs nearly broken, and was forced to watch as his mother was raped infront of him. 

After hours of struggle and torment, Ajax's mother was killed. They left him there to wallow in it, hoping he'd die as well.

Two weeks later, Ajax had found them. He choked them, stabbed them, hammered them, tore them. All of it in revenge for his family, for those he'd grown up with. 

Depressed and angry, Ajax fled. he wandered, he killed, he hunted, he crafted. He didn't know what else to do. 

He eventually found his way into Cyrodiil and began putting his talents to use in the small villages that needed a blacksmith and nothing beats an orcish blacksmith with turmoil. His crafts came out in excellent quality, he showed his patrons how to better use their supplies with more efficiency to get the most out of what little they had.

Many villages and families booned because of him.

Ajax's skills were eventually caught on by nobility, in some small town in the country and was invited to be a Lords personal blacksmith. While Ajax despises the thought of 'royalty' he decided to go with it. He accepted. When he came to his lords manor, he was surprised to see that it was also a chantry of form, a chantry to Zenithar, the god of Work and Commerce, Ajax's lord. The one whom asked him to come and be his blacksmith, a kindly Imperial by the name of Cruscius Aldinus, confessed that he worshipped Zenithar and thought hard, honest work was the best work. That royalty and noblility had no sway over ones physical ability. 

For noblility, the man hit it off with Ajax quite quickly. 

Ajax wasn't ever too terribly religious, but with Cruscius teaching him Zenithar's ways and even giving him a Amulet of Zenithar, Ajax quickly grew reverance for the Aedric Lord of Work. To the point where he devoted himself to Zenithar and began forging himself into a new mer. Of course,  other nobility didn't like the thought of a 'beast' being in their presence, the worst of all being a Breton woman by the name of Marinette Cuveri, whom openly scolded Ajax for his looks and race. Quite uncouth for nobility.

Cruscius dismissed the woman quickly, saying her presence was no longer needed in his manor. Ajax was never subjected to such treatment in the past, why now?

It didn't matter, said Cruscius, Marinette was as close-minded as they come. Ajax figured that was enough.

Of course, Cruscius was not a mer. After years of service, Ajax eventually had to say goodbye to his old friend and master, sitting by his bedside until the last moment, gifting the old Imperial with a circlet fit for an emperor. His finest piece yet. Cruscius smiled at the Orc, patted his hand, and lay his head back. "Goodbye, son of Zenithar, may your crafts be great and your words honest." 

Ajax left the next day to the Fighters Guild to find himself a challenge worthy of his metal. 

He found it, many many times did he find it. Every weapon and armor piece must be better than the last.

Eventually, after centuries of fighting all around Tamriel, Ajax found himself in the Temple of Zenithar as Knight of Iron. Combining his combat prowess with his blacksmithing mastery, Ajax was a deadly foe on the field when he wielded his hammer. 

The Oblivion Crisis struck soon after, where he met an Altmer by the name of Anyala, a Kynaran ranger. She met him in the Oblivion Gate in Kvatch, where they both fought the Daedra back and received the stone. 

They travelled together, trying to thwart the Daedric menace, eventually gaining a liking and later on loving for eachother. After the Crisis, the two met in Mara's Temple and married. 

They went on many travels together, from killing Umaril the Unfeathered and reviving the Knights of the Nine, to the deep swamps of Black Marsh and as far north as Skyrim, the two travelled for two hundred years. 

The Great War Struck, the two fought as Blades and lovers with ferocity, cunning, and speed. Anyala's arrows, Ajax's hammer, nothing could stop them. 

A Thalmor battlemage, however, could. He stole Anyala's soul, recharging his weapon and sending her soul to the Soul Cairn. 

Ajax's world crumbeled, he had nor egard for himself. He Crushed all around him, friend and foe, before burying his wife after one final kiss. 

Even through the hardship, Ajax stayed loyal to the Empire and served once again in the Legion as a General and was given a clean slate from the Empire. The Stormcloaks soon fell, as did alduin and Harkon, Miraak was tougher than normal. Next up: The Aldmeri Dominion..

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Kikioh-San Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Hobbyist
M-mm... He is very interesting character :meow: And I say unique too! :nod: 
But Kaeleen might fear him, werebears are so scary! ó.ò 
bigton Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014   Artist
Ajax is the most loveable, huggable werebear in the land. He's a very fatherly person lol when he's working he's more professional, but outside of work or combat he's a laid-back kind of person, the kind one would have a drink with. 
Kikioh-San Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Hobbyist
That I believe by the information what you have write of him n__n But still werebears are scary D: but maybe Kaeleen won't scare his beast form after meeting him in normal himself :D
bigton Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014   Artist
Werebears are scary, for sure, but Ajax has the same intelligence in beast form as he does in normal form, so he'd be able to tell friend from foe. She wouldn't be in any danger. :3
Kikioh-San Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist
Ah, that is good :D
Pixlett Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
Awesome!  I wonder if he would get along with my character, Niarai.  She's not really good, but neither is she bad.  She does what she needs to to serve her wife, Jordis, and her daughter, Britte.

Also, do you have either DawnGuard or HearthFire?  Vampire hunting is so much fun!
bigton Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014   Artist
Depends on wether or not she actively tries to screw over honest hard working people. If she does, she's on his shitlist and its hard to be redeemed. If not, then it may be shaky lol

I have Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.
pyrogina Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
i'm glad miso is on his good side!!
bigton Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014   Artist
Exactly! :P 
pyrogina Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
Misora: I've been working on that spell!
bigton Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014   Artist
Ajax: The bound chest spell? How has the progress been?
pyrogina Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
Miso: I haven't mastered an entire chest yet, but i've been practicing with different types of arrow.  I keep four arrows in the basement, Iron, Dwemer, Silver, and Elven.  I'm able to summon a specific one so long as I concentrate.  It's much harder to do anything larger than that.
bigton Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014   Artist
Ajax: I see. baby steps, Misora, if you try and summon something too big as your first binding you'll end up regretting it. *chuckles softly* Still, it's good to hear that you've been doing so well at it.
pyrogina Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
Miso: I would love to be able to bind my entire set of Starlight armour, would make traveling much safer! 

[[cue sailor moon transformation theme!!
bigton Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014   Artist
Ajax: You can do that by mixing enchanting and conjuration, bind your armor set to either a chest or rack you summoned and it will fade when you don't need it, then appear when danger is near! 

bison1967 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014
Intriguing and fierce character, Bigton!
bigton Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014   Artist
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