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(UPDATE: Because of users on reddit and what I've read elsewhere, the Dam is just fine, the spillway has been relieved but has caused alot of erosion of the landscape. People are still being told to evacuate and find shelter because of flash floods and eroded landscape, but the dam itself hasn't broken.

My apologies)

(Update: Breitbart article:…)

(The Spillway's relief is apparently a legal action. Think of it like letting off the pressure of a faucet, or maybe a stressed hose. But the problem is, there's a serious erosion problem happening in the spillway which is why this is so dangerous. If the spillway erodes, and collapses, there's nothing to plug up the water, which could wipe out towns nearby.)

(If you have any news, any updates, or any information correction, go ahead and submit it and I'll get it in! Thanks!)

Shelter, news, contact and emergency numbers below as well as areas affected shown below!

Thanks to sh2003 for the links!

Article with videos of Evac and floods:…


Zerohedge coverage…

Sikh temples open doors, offer food and shelter to evacuees……

Stephan Molyneux…

Video as of last night of the severity of the situation…

Officials ignored warnings as far back as 12 years ago…

Business insider - Part of the tallest dam in the US is on the verge of collapse — and California was unprepared


CBC reporting 200,000 people affected…

Daily mail reporting 200,000 people affected (lots of pics of damage)

Live stream…

LA times diminishing the severity…

State and national guards have started dumping rocks on the eroding spillway…

Areas under evacuation





Plumas Lake


Live Oak

Yuba County

Yuba City (city said voluntary at 5:30 a.m. Monday)

Wheatland (Yuba County said voluntary around midnight)




Emergency contact numbers for areas affected by the Oroville Spillway Incident:

Sutter County: (530) 822-4988/822-7556

Yuba County: New Number: (530) 749-7520

Yolo County: (530) 406-4930

Shasta County: (530) 225-2510

Butte County: (530) 872-5951 or for assistance for evacuation for the disabled, call paratransit at (530) 342-0221 or 2-1-1.

Evacuation Bus Line: Line B leaves from the Church of the Nazarene in Oroville on 2238 Monte Vista ave.

CAL FIRE incident Management Team #3 is in Unified Command with the Butte County Sheriff and the Department of Water Resources on managing this incident. The incident started on Feb. 7, 2017 at 2:00 P.M. Cooperating agencies include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,

Butte County Sheriff’s Office, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, the State’s Division of Safety of Dams, Cal Fire and state and federal wildlife agencies."




Several shelters have opened up for the nearly 200,000 people ordered to evacuate Sunday. B eale Air Force Base, about eight miles east of Marysville, opened its fitness center.

Colusa, Glenn, Nevada, Tehama and Yolo counties also opened their fairgrounds.

The Nevada County Fairgrounds is at 11228 McCourtney Road, Grass Valley. Evacuees seeking shelter should enter at Gate 1.

The Glenn County Fairgrounds is at 221 E. Yolo St., Orland. Red Cross is on site to receive evacuees. There also is space for livestock and parking for RVs, according to its Facebook page.

Tehama District Fairgrounds is at 650 Antelope Blvd., Red Bluff. Buildings have been opened for shelter, and there is room on the grounds for RVs and animals, according to its Facebook page.

The Colusa County Fairgrounds is at 1303 10th St., Colusa. It is offering water and restrooms for people traveling through and a place to park, including for RVs. These fairgrounds are not an official evacuation point.

The Yolo County Fairgrounds is at 1250 E. Gum St., Woodlands.

The Placer County Fairgrounds, 800 All America City Blvd in Roseville, has also opened to evacuees.

Other shelter locations are:

Camelot Equestrian Park, 1985 Clark Road, Paradise Christian & Alliance Missionary Church, 6491 Clark Road, Paradise Elks Lodge, 1100 Elks Lane, Paradise Neighborhood Church, 2801 Notre Dame Blvd., Chico VFW Post 1555, 554 Rio Lindo Ave., Chico Most hotels in the Chico area are at full capacity as is the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico, officials said during a news conference at 10 p.m. The Red Cross of Northeastern California, however, said it is opening a new facility at the fairgrounds and adding more cots.


Sikh Temples Opening Doors:…

Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2357 Fair St., Chico THIS IS NOW FULL Neighborhood Church of Chico, 2801 Notre Dame Blvd., Chico Nevada County Fairgrounds, 11228 McCourtney Rd., Grass Valley Glenn County Fairgrounds, 221 E. Yolo St., Orland Tehama District Fairgrounds, 650 Antelope Blvd., Red Bluff Yolo County Fairgrounds, 1250 E. Gum Ave., Woodland Placer County Fairgrounds, 800 All America City Blvd., Roseville Citrus Heights Community Center, 6300 Fountain Square Dr., Citrus Heights For horses and RVs/fifth-wheels/tents: Gibson Ranch, 8554 Gibson Ranch Park Rd., Elverta. Phones: 916-806-3110 for RVs, etc.; for horses and livestock, 707-623-7665 For large animals: Camelot Equestrian Park, 1985 Clark Road (Highway 191), Butte Valley In addition, the Sikh community is offering temporary housing at temples to any evacuees: 4600 Pell Dr, Sacramento 916-922-1313 6221 16th St, Rio Linda 916-992-1710 7676 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento 916-688-3020 2301 Evergreen Ave, West Sacramento 916-371-9787 4640 Woodward Avenue, Manteca 209-824-4433 11770 W. Clover Rd., Tracy 209-836-2215 1930 S Grant St, Stockton 209-625-7500 Phone numbers for public evacuation information Butte County residents: 530-872-5951 or 211 Yuba or Sutter County residents: 866-916-3566


On I've begun writing out a story for Mass Effect. A Dieselpunk-Humanity AU loosely following canon and with occult elements built in. I dislike self-promotion, atleast when I do it, but I'd greatly appreciate your viewing and possibly reviewing of the story thus far.I had a number of old chapters up but had to delete them as I am rewriting it.……

The Waldorf Astoria, an Art deco Icon from the 1930s New York, is in danger of being gutted out and turned into Condos!  

I don't post journals often, but when I do it's usually in support of someone or something. This is a case of the latter. Destroying old buildings such as these is just sickening for me and I'm hoping I might get someone that could help. 

Share this anywhere ya can. Journals, facebook, youtube, twitter, what have you. Save the Astoria.…
For months now, Xbox users have had access to community created mods for the game. Playstation users have been waiting for a long time for mods, now sony decided to put the last stake in that hope's heart. Mods will NOT be coming to Fallout 4 or Skyrim Remastered when it's released. 

That is just scummy.

Here's a good one that irks me to no end.

For example, a picture.

Someone comments on it saying they dislike it, or judge how the picture was done (art or not) and give an opinion on it that goes against the kindness filter so many put through to not seem mean.

Then people blow up on said comment and reply "If you don't like it, don't look at it." or "Don't comment if you don't like it." and other such things.

My thing is that the internet is a public forum wherein if you post publically, especially if the post gives you the ability to change who can see it (like Facebook for example), you will get people who disagree with your opinion or dislike a thing you're doing.

Commenting back to these people (Atleast if they're being civil and not becoming the human embodiment of a douchebag) to "Don't comment if you don't like it" or "Don't talk shit about what I do/did/Etc." you're doing it wrong.

This is the internet.

There are trolls.

There are people who'll give you honest critique.

Don't lump them together.

Your post will be judged.

Welcome to the internet, where feels matter on the public forum and opinions are like penises and dildos. Most people have atleast one, this is no problem, just don't shove it into people's faces.

Some may like that, but the vast majority will use their teeth.

After some difficulty getting the game to actually start, I got vaporized, sodomized, fuckelized and every other ized real and made up until I got the bright idea to use my power armor. 

And I'm LOVING the DLC so hard right now.
And I am so FUCKING READY. My girlfriend just sent me the link to the trailer and I am going to be so stuck on that game that it's gonna hurt. Atomatron, Fallout 4 DLC comes out 22nd of this month. 

So fucking ready.
...Against three waves of enemies. The first time was raiders, second was Mutants and so was the third. No one died (except the attackers) 'cuz all my settlers have normal to sturdy combat armor and kickass weapons, but it was still a surprise. Now I have turrets all around my settlement. 

Fucking love this game.
...Right before bed and Jesus CHRIST what a couple of stories. I read Pickman's Model and The Statement of Randolph Carter. I had to sleep with a light on all night, the stories scared me so bad. 

And I LOVED them. I reccomend reading with sounds of thunder on youtube, just to get you more in the creepy mood. 
..who could fuck up taming a Dodo bird. I downloaded ARK survival evolved on Xbox One, am loving it so far..but I fucked up taming a dodo. How is that even possible. 
..Teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red!

Happy halloween everyone, I hope you have a safe, fear drenched night of candy consumption and costume wearing.

It's cold as a witch's tit on a glacier in antarctica, but I'm hoping our loyal fans will still come around tonight. 

Imma be frankenstein's monster again, fear me!
Been fourteen long, blood drenched years since that day. Many a people lost their lives, lost loved ones and knew they'd never see them again. 

A tragedy it was and it'll always be burned into the minds of many across this country and in some others. Tragedies happen and will be weathered, from now on to the end and with those tragedies will come a stronger people. 

Rest in peace, all who died on 9/11 and in the resulting wars. 

Never forgotten, always missed.
Because I've deleted alot of my old journals (to clean up) I thought I'd make a new one. If you know of an art thief (or multiple) on this site, send me a link of the stolen art (and thief's account) and the original artist, so I can make a journal to bring attention to it. Art thieves are scum and have to be reported. 

Thank ya for reading this journal, hope you have a great day. 
A Deviant by the name of FourEyedKoi is submitting a Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Fanfiction centered around a character in the Dark Brotherhood (An OC as far as I know, I've never heard of a character such as she in any ES game.), with the story dealing with, In Koi's words, "...a message of kindness, compassion, and understanding towards the mentally ill. A belief which is very personal to me." 

Koi's story, Weep, is interesting so far and I'm enjoying it. At the time of writing this, it only has five chapters and I'm hoping more will be submitted soon. 

If you'd like to support this deviant and the story of Weep, here are the links to both respectively.…

Thanks for reading this journal, thanks for reading Koi's story if ya did. 

If you would do me a favor, please read Weep and mirror this journal in order to get it some more spotlight. 
A Deviant by the name of FourEyedKoi is submitting a Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Fanfiction centered around a character in the Dark Brotherhood (An OC as far as I know, I've never heard of a character such as she in any ES game.), with the story dealing with, In Koi's words, "...a message of kindness, compassion, and understanding towards the mentally ill. A belief which is very personal to me." 

Koi's story, Weep, is interesting so far and I'm enjoying it. At the time of writing this, it only has five chapters and I'm hoping more will be submitted soon. 

If you'd like to support this deviant and the story of Weep, here are the links to both respectively.…

Thanks for reading this journal, thanks for reading Koi's story if ya did. 
 To my knowledge, the pictures that Pinki-Husky uploaded that broke DA's rulesare now removed. Well done.

Aaaand here we go again, aren't you excited? 'cuz I aint.

This person here has broken the rules of DA (Submitting pictures with -very- explicit sexual content, autofellatio, sexual intercourse, etc.) and is still uploading. Having been a Deviant for a year, one would expect another to know the rules and to respect them. 

Sadly, and apparently, this isn't the case. 

I've already reported most of the rule-breaking pictures and have created this journal in order to urge any whom may read this to do the same. I'm not a prude, I'd just rather this site not be marred by pictures which break the rules and dishearten artists/writers/crafters etc. from this site and community.

Report any pictures that show erections, sexual fluids, penetration, masturbation, etc. The pictures that do not, I really couldn't care less about as they don't break any rules (in my knowledge, atleast.)

Thanks for reading.
Brought to my attention by a friend of mine, Sharpy, Danjedi1 is in need of donations in order to pay for his bills. He's recently been dumped, his parents are divorcing after 3 decades of relations, and he doesn't have enough money for his bill. 

If you could find it within yourselves, please send danjedi1 some money. Any is appreciated. Note him and he'll give his paypal account.…

Thank you for reading and thank you even more for assisting if you did. Share the journal, tell your friends. If you're in need of assistance, I'll put your name and blight in a journal and try to get you some help. 
Hello friends, me again. I'm here to ask a favor of those of you whom see this journal. My girlfriend has just uploaded her Skyrim Fanfiction, Child of Darkness, on I, too uploaded a fanfic onto FF.NET awhile back (Which I'm still doing! I justhave to get inspiration.) and I asked awhile back if you would assist with that by reviewing it, telling me what you think and giving critique. 

I ask that you do it again for her.…
OH BOY another art thief, ain't you excited? I ain't, so why are you.

My Girlfriend brought this to my attention, and the thief has been stealing and uploading arts from numerous different artists and claiming it as their own. 

That is the art thief. I've already gone through and reported the arts, but of course more is always better. Share with your friends, get the art thief removed. 

If you ever encounter an art thief, give me proof and a link of their thieving and I'll post it to a journal just like this one. 

I've posted journals like this before, each time I've gotten alot of help. Let's do it again this time, hmm?
Before I begin this rant know that everything said in this journal and previous journals is strictly my opinion. My opinion and no one elses, I am not taking other opinions and incorporating them nor am I uploading opinions from another person(s) or sites. All the stuff I say is what I believe, nothing more nor less. 

Thank you. Now then, onto the rant!

I personally don't understand the point of an afterlife. Usually, a heaven or a hell is a beautiful paradise or a wretched place of suffering, respectively. 

I think that heaven or hell is what you make of what you have, if you're imagining a hell and you think you're living in it, it's because you are. Your vision of your existance is what you live. If you not only imagine a heaven but also try to build it, you will have it. 

I'm a strong believer in taking grasp of your existance, of making your world as you see fit and leaving your own special mark on this planets face and in the minds of the living and to be born. Where 30 years from now some child will see what you've done and judge you on it. "That person was amazing! An inspiration!" Or "I hope they rot in hell!" It is upto you what said opinion is. 

I don't understand in hoping for a better life when you're dead when you could make a better life when you're ALIVE. Breathing, smelling, feeling, thinking, touching, LIVING. If you want heaven, build it. Create it. Make it your own or bring in others and make a communal heaven of sorts, what you lot think is ideal. Everyone says "I wish I could do that.." and mostly those people have the ability and time to do so. 

I'm not knocking those who don't, I understand constraints, I'm speaking of those who not only have the physical and mental capability to do what they think is ideal but they also have the time to do it. I dislike when people piss and moan over what they wish would happen when they can make it happen. Why wait when you could get out there and make it happen? If you want something done do it yourself and make it better than you wanted. 

Because perfection is impossible to obtain doesn't give an excuse not to strive for it. 

If you are able, if you have the mindset to do it, if you have the time and perhaps the currency to do it, if you have the emotional and spiritual means to do it, then you have no excuse. If your current situation won't allow it, I understand. I won't judge you for it. But don't sit around and let it kill you. Don't let it control you. Don't let it break you. 

Stand up, puff up, and make the mountains shake with your voice and actions, make people tremble as they hear your voice. Awe them with your actions, inspire them with words and actions, and get them to do the same. Think and act for yourself, help to better the situation you're in for yourself and those around you. 

Don't say "But I can't!" because you aren't worth the time if you use it as an excuse. You can! You can! You just need to decide that "Now's the time" and make your situation yours. Get it done and move onto the next, don't let it stop you. Is there a wall in the way? Do not let it stand! Break it and push through. 

You can do it, we all can, we all must. I know that I must. This journal is as much a hopeful inspiration for those reading this as it is me. I need to lose weight, I need to exercise again, I need to better my diet, I need to keep myself alive for my family, my Girlfriend, myself. I need to better my situation. 

I need to make my heaven on earth. 

I will do it. Will you? or will you use excuses to stop yourself?

The choice is yours. Stay in your hell or make your heaven.