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Shiraghul is based heavily off of mongolian culture and peoples in real life. If you're wonderingwhere I got my inspiration, there you go.

Skyrim belongs to it's rightful owners. I do NOT own Skyrim or The Elder Scrolls.

Name: Shiraghul

Height: 6'6 (head and Shoulders)

Weight: 225 pounds.

Gender: Male. 

Age: 26 years old 

Birthday: 7th of MidYear, 4E 175

Species: Orsimer

Occupation: Horse Archer/Explorer for the Whiterun Tribe of Orcs ruled by Temujin and Bodara.

Religion: Shamanism. 

Likes: Horse riding, archery, food, drink, buuz, airag, Khali, Oroi, his tribe, horse racing, hunting, exploring, killing hostiles, nature, art, music. 

Dislikes: Hostiles to his tribe, racists of any kind, thalmor, aldmeri dominion, Stormcloaks, thieves, Draugr, dishonesty, disloyalty, Black-Briars, Forsworn, bandits. 

Physical traits: Athletic body moving more on the muscular side. Dirt brown skin. red eyes. Long dreadlocks. Knicks and scars in various places. Tall, strong, stamina like a horse. 

Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral. 

Aliases: Akh (Brother) (To his tribesmen), Khüü ni (Son) (To Bodara and Temujin), That Damned Orc (To strangers), "Orcher" a nickname based on his race and occupation: Orc Archer.

Preffered armor: Steel scale armor over a silk backing, both of which rest of his deel. Steel helmet lined with leather. Deel split up the back to his rump so he can ride easier. 

Civil War: Doesn't take sides, though won't hesitate to help Legionnaires should they request his help. 

Marital status: Single. 

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Fighting style: Opens combat from horseback, firing Arrows quickly and accurately (some normal, some explosive, some toxic, depends on the need) until enemies get too close then he hops down, draws his scimitar and shield, and attacks using mobility and speed to pick apart his enemies. Dirty Tactics. 

Personality: Wears his opinions on his sleeve. Will let you know just what he thinks of you, kind or not, and if you're acting a prick then he'll let you know so and walk off. Insult his tribe, lose your tongue. But if you're kind, he'll act the same way in return. Keep it up and allow him to name you friend, and he'll guard you with his life on the field. 

Weaknesses: His tribe can be this, as anyone that threatens them or anything that threatens them he'll throw himself infront of. Dragon, bandit, giant boulder, flying mammoth, whatever. Bit easy to spook, can be an arse from it too though he doesn't want to be so and will feel terrible afterwords. 

Abilities: Can call upon the spirits of his ancestors to assist him in time of need. Some magic. Incredible archer and horse rider. Knows what his horse, Khali, is thinking (a telepathic link between the two formed when Shiraghul was accepted into the tribe and Khali was a foal) and capable of speaking to him in this way. 

Notable traits: Doggedly loyal. Smart. Stealthy. Hospitable when allowed. Quick to help. Easy listener and talker. Horse riding and archery. 

Bio: Shiraghul was orphaned at a young age, when a slavery group from Morrowind slaughtered his family and took him to an underground gladiatorial ring to be a bit dog. Suffering years of abuse, Shira only knew anger and sadness, until he murdered his handler and ran back to Skyrim. It was here that Temujin and Bodara, the rulers of the Tribe that Shira's own had had contact with many a time before, took the young orc in and named him one of their own, mourning the loss of their tribe-friends at night. 

Shira grew up with a foal he named Khali, learning how to ride and care for the young thing in the same time he'd been growing learning the scimitar and bow. 

Not much has happened so far with Shira beyond that. 

Maybe soon..

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OnHolyServiceBound Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016
Hah, awesome, I have a horse archer orc myself with a similar Mongoloian inspiration, what hat is that he wears?
bigton Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016   Artist
A skaal hat and gloves I think, you can get 'em on Solstheim. I asked for that hat so it looks like he's trying to cover against the cold, Skyrim is at the frozen tits of the world after all lol 
OnHolyServiceBound Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2016
Ahh, yeah, I remember that oufit now, great look for this guy.                
Yeah, especially necessary if you're playing with frostfall, it's either fur and cloaks or freeze to death, skaal outfits would be nice to have then.
Luckily my horse archer (Rashkadir) lives in the reach and generally sticks to the plains and hills, not quite as cold around there.
(This is the guy:…  )
bigton Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016   Artist
Ah I wish I could play frostfall, sadly no mods on Console. 

Shiraghul and the tribe generally stick to Whiterun, more room for the horses to run and reminds them of the tundras from home (My idea is that they're from the Wrothgarian mountains, closer to the plains), nice and even there. So for them it makes a good amount of sense, unless it's getting cold. 

(Looks great!) 
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June 11, 2015
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