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Bowen Oakwing by bigton Bowen Oakwing by bigton
Name: Bowen Oakwing

Weight: 260 pounds

Height: 6'6

Age: 125 years of age. 17th of Frostfall.

Race/Species: Wood Elf/Bosmer

Class: Ranger/Druid/Shaman

Abilities: Terramancy. Nature bending. Animagancey, capability to turn into certain animals.

Weapon(s) of choice: Dragonbone Bow and arrows. Dragonbone sword. Druid Staff. (None obtained in picture)

Armor of choice: Dragonscale armor. (not obtained in picture)

Birthplace: Druid village in Valenwood.

Religion: Divines. Some Daedra. Nature Worshipper.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Marital status: Single.

Combat style: Silent, careful, sneaky, quick and clean. Uses poisons on larger or tougher enemies and uses his dagger and sword on enemies from behind. Using fear spells or fear poisons to make those who get too close run away in fear or paralyzes them with spell or poison. Tends to use the trees as a vantage point and communicates to his fellow rangers using special calls or hand gestures.

Personality: Joking and playful, Bowen tends to have a smile on his face when speaking to someone. In combat or on a mission, he will not tolerate screw ups or weight downs, move and get it done and collect on the way or don't come at all. Always happy to share his knowledge of alchemy and nature, Bowen is seen as a teacher by some regardless of his young age.

Likes: Alchemy, hunting, archery, blacksmithing, reading and writing, nature watching, meditation, star gazing, cooking (LOVES cooking). Dragons. Nature.

Dislikes: Thalmor. Dishonesty. Disloyalty. Betrayl. Shirking duties. Lazy asses. Bigots. Necromancers. Bandits. Silver-Blood family. Markarth. Forsworn. Some Vampires. Alduin.

Spells/Magics of choice: Nature Magic. Uses the elements to his advantage and creates cover for him or traps for enemies in combat. Calls upon animals to assist. Shape Shifting.

Appearance: Goatee and mohawk, black hair. Amber colored almond shaped eyes. Young appearance. Scars on his chest and back. Tribal tattoos on his left arm (Stylized deer head, similar to Falkreath's flag).

Apparel: Dragonscale Armor when in combat or on a mission, grey shirt and brown pants when in casual mode. Bone charm bracelet on his left hand made by his little sister before he left. Dragonscale sleeves and gloves under his armor, a dragon tooth on a necklace.

After awhile he wears a Dragonscale cuirass and gauntlets with boots, a thick sabre cat cloak and hood which obscures his face.

Bio: Born in Valenwood to a tribe of Shamans and Druids, Bowen quickly learned the abilities of his village: The ability to bend nature to your wims. Capable of creating homes from stone and dirt with his magic or using the magic to bend and twist trees to become homes for use.

Growing up under the watchful eye of his grandfather of the same name, Bowen once was a pacifist. When he was handpicked by a Valenwood Ranger Capatin, he dashed the pacifistic lifestyle away and learned the ways of the bow and arrow and how to traverse the trees with frightening silence and agility.

All these skills came in handy when he began to travel and made for himself quite a reputation as a sellsword and also his blacksmithing ability, his unique way of carving weapons and making stronger quality bows of wood (as he doesn't follow the Green Pact like most of his kind) and leather, they were quite prized for their power and light weight.

His skills were tested when he became a mercenary for the Imperial Legion, he earned many scars in his time but also earned alot of coin to offset it. When the Thalmor eventually showed up, the ranger group that trained Bowen were forced to disperse though this only created another group: Valenwood Rangers against Thalmor, VRaT. Nicknamed the Valen Rats, they took advantage of the Thalmor's inability to traverse the gigantic trees of the Bosmers home country and whiped out entire convoys of their soldiers and supplies.

Due to Thalmori presence in Skyrim, Bowen was sent there to try and disrupt them as best as possible.

That's when he was captured by the Imperial Legion and he learned his destiny as Dragonborn, and where his story really begins.

(( Obviously I don't own TES: Skyrim, I wish! :P It belongs to it's rightful owners, I'm just a fan of the game and love making characters in it. ))

(( Bowen Oakwing belongs to me. Bosmer/Wood Elves belong to their owners. ))
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Tsuki222 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 15, 2017
Interesting character. While it's not often said, mostly aparently because of certain censorship from Altmer, and Empire, but Bosmer do worship Daedra, particularily Hircine.

Indeed, there is evidence Bosmer and Khajiit  started out as Daedra worshipping Bosmer, particularily Hircine  worshipping Aldmer (but also, as seen in Khajiit pantheon, Azura, Mephala, Hermameus Mora, Sanguine, Sanguine,Mehrunes Dagon , and not worshipping, but fearing Nocturnal) who left Summerset Isles because of that.…

Although, the worship of Horcine, was aparently so dominant, pretty much ALL proto-Bosmer/Khajiit, became Lycanthropes/werebeasts.…

It is the will of Hircine that the Bosmer become as we were in the Dawn Age. Before Y'ffre trapped us in a single shape, before he told us our story and took away our freedom.
The gift of Hircine is the gift of a second shape. The sacrament of Hircine is the scent of prey on the wind, the taste of blood on the tongue. Praise Hircine and his Houndsmen! Rise up and reject the tyranny of shape and story!

Azura stabilized Khajiit, by giving them a form directly tied to the position of the two moons, instead of Hircine Chaotic forms. Y'ffre in turn, locked Bosmer back to Mer form, aside from Wild Hunts, but then Bosmer as permanntly locked into a chimera-werebeast form.………... (search for Y'ffre)……

Till ESO, Hircine TECHNICALLY wasn't directly mentioned to be connected to the shapeshifting Wild Hunt of the Bosmer, but there were strong implications on how both Hircine's and Bosmer Wild Hunt have the same name, both are connected to shapeshifting, and how the Green pact allowed cannibalism. (in Daggerfall and Bloodmoon, Lycanthropes also HAD to kill NPCs, non-agressive NPCs even in Daggerfall.)

Bosmer Green Pact might be in part actually due to their lycanthrope nature, possibly a memory sating the lycanthropic Bloodlust...

Hircine though isn't evil though, he is just the embodiment of predatory and carnivore insntincts. He probbly views Bosmer being "locked" in a single form as harming them...

Curiously though, one way to cure lycanthropy in Daggerfall, was particularily immoral...

About Thalmor, yes, they are assholes, but they actually have a point - they want to, in their perspective, restire the existennce to it's proper form, before Lorkhan's creation.

Talos, substituted Lorkhan, and up to level IS Lorkhan (ie he is a merger of three Shezzarines/Avatars of Lorkhan - Tiber Septim/Hjalti Early-Beard, Wulfharth and Zurin Arctus), and is currently the anchor of creation/Nirn.……

Thalmor, by killing the faith in Talos, wants to kill the Talos - and return creation it's primal form from the Dawn Era.

This is actually a comon goal of Mer - Dwemer wanted to transcent Nirn with the Numdium, as Mankar Camoran wanted to unravel Nirn (athough with a heretical to elves, Lorkhanic spin on it).
It's fairly close to the reall life religion of Gnosticism:…

Thalmor are still complete assholes about it though.

(Also, I'm not to be clear, I'm not trying to convice you that a Bosmer druid character, should be a lycanthrope, just noting the particular Daedric connections of Bosmer.)
bigton Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017   Artist
The Dominion's mission makes as much sense as anyone's if you strictly see it from their point of view. While to them, the destruction of Talos and the last thing holding the world together is a good thing because it returns the Elves to their original state (and the world) which in their view is the best thing, it in the view of every other point would be apocalyptic because it'd wipe out everything that matters to them. It depends on your POV, but in mine, the loss of the Dawn Era is the best thing for Tamriel. 

Yep, the Bosmer (and Khajiit) worshipping Daedra has always been a fairly large part of my Mer and Khajiiti characters. Bowen I suppose is what we would call a 'Integrational Polytheist', essentially he aknowledges the existance of the other gods, but he doesn't worship them all. He knows Hircine exists, Azura, and the other Daedra exist, they're as much apart of the world's chaos as the Nine Divines are to the World's Stasis. Bosmeri and Khajiiti pantheons and history is interesting, especially the Daedric interference with their species' lives. 

Hircine is as bad a thing as, for example, Mehrunes Dagon is. While Mehrunes wants the utter destruction of Tamriel, he embodies such sheer change and ambition that if he ceased to exist, what sort of font would there be for such an embodiment to bleed into the world.
Tsuki222 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017
Well, I think it's even suggested in game the end of the Dawn Era, is a good thing, and that Lorkhan's plan, was to allow this way for other beings than him, to achieve enlightment - CHIM.

This in turn ties to reall life Buddhism, were the divine, nigh-immortal Deva, cannot achieve Buddhahood or at least it's much harder for them, than to mortals (and in general, it's quite hard). Again though, as even Deva die, they can become reincarnated as human.

And I agree on you observation on Dragon and Hircine.
bigton Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2017   Artist
That's a reason why the Dominion is so fiercely despised by me and my characters! Because they're trying to unravel everything, despite Lorkhan himself doing what he did for a reason. 

Tsuki222 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 17, 2017
Also, one of the greatest indicators of connecting Bosmer and their Wild Hunt to Hircine, was a picture from the Redguard game Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition, which had a picture of King Dead Wolf-Deer (bottom), one of Bosmer transformed into 'monster' by being part of the Wild Hunt, and who looks extremelly like representations and avatars of Hircine, and the above pictured transformed Bosmer is known as Willy the Bitten, giving a connection to the spread of lycanthropy through bite...

(My guess is that Willy wasn't originally part of the Wild Hunt against King Borgas, but one of transformed Bosmer bit him, and infected. This may explain why he looks though far less monstrous (or at least can retur n to a Bosmer, or more Bosmer-like shape) than King Dead Wolf-Deer - Wily did not cast of the stability of his shape by himself, but was forced to do it. Still, Willy the Bitten still aparently became a major menace...)
bigton Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017   Artist
I could definitely see that.

Tsuki222 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 16, 2017
Aedra in Daedra, and their relationship, in general, are based in part on the relationship of Asura and Deva in Buddhism, Hinduism, the Veddic religion, Zoroastrianism, and other Indo-Iranian and related religions.

Asura and Deva, and are called interchangebly the good and evil group. In Veddic religion, Asura started as the good group, and Deva as the somewhat bad, then both Asura and Deva were good, and then Asura became demonic, and Deva the good and true gods. This continues in Hinduism.
In Buddhism, both Asura and Deva are flawed, but Asura are somewhat more good, as the primordial Buddha - Vairocana/Dainichi Nyorai is ultimatelly derived from the King of Asuras Virochana, rival of the King of Devas Indra, and Virochana's son, Vairocana Mahabali, and Maitreya, the last Buddha - is ultimatelly derived from the Asura Mitra.

In Zoroastrianism, Ahuric (sommon root with Asura) Entities lead by Ahura Mazda are good, and Daeva lead by Angra Mainyu, are evil. One of the chief Daevas, is even Indra.

Ahura-Mazda, is ultimatelly possibly derived from Varuna, the original Asura leader of the Vedic Pantheon, or from the fused form of Mitra and Varuna - Varuna-Mitra. Mithra is another important deity in Zoroastrianism, who got latter adopted by Romans.

Varuna, Mitra and Virochana might have started as one God, that got split overtime into three deities, as all three are Asura Rulers, and connected to the Sun. Varuna and Mitra curiously, were brothers, or half brothers to Indra, and sometimes they were also combined, ie into Varuna-Indra, or Varuna-Mitra-Indra, a proto-Trimurti of sorts, before Indra and his Deva became suoreme, and demonized Asuras.

This all is VERY similar how Aedra and Daedra were threated in Tamarelic cultures, as well similar to the conflict of Lorkhan and the Aedra that stood with him, with the Akatosh/Auri-El and his Aedra.

This conflict, even is pressent in Western religions. The Norse Aesir (singular Aes) are etymologically connected to Asura, and the Aesir conflict with the Vanir (singular Van) tribe of Gods, is connected to war of Asuras with Devas.

Ths als connects to TES, as Vanir were probably the same as elves, while Aesir were lead by Odin, and had Thor and Loki in their number - Shor is based on Thor and Odin, and Lorkhan has a lot of Loki's elements, beside others. Again though, many think Loki and Odin, started out as one entity, ironically.

This is curiously, a key point in Naruto, as Naruto and Sasuke are ultimatelly revelead as reincarnations of two eternal beings Asura and Indra, Naruto of Asura, Sasuke of Indra. Asura is a combination of Varuna, Mitra and Virochana - like Virochana, Asura is a rival of Indra, but like Mitra and Varuna, Asura was Indra's brother.

The Senju and Uzumaki clans descended fom Asura, were equivalent of Asuras, and the Uchiha clan, descended from Indra, are based on Deva.

Naruto is based arguably on Maitreya - while Asura and his incarnations, were more benevolent, they, like Indra and his incarnations, were also utimatelly manipulated by Black Zetsu - the equivalent of the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven Mara, until Naruto broke the cycle of Black Zetsus manipulation.

Black Zetsu is even more similar to Mara, as he outright claims to be the architect of the world, and that the story of Shinobi - is just a story written by him.

And returning to Aedra and Daedra, they are also probably inspired though by the Lords of Law and Lords of Chaos from Michael Moorcock's Multiverse mythos.
Lords of Law even created the elves - Eldren and Lords of Chaos created humanity - Mabden. A visible part of Eldren thought started, to serve Chaos, became the Melnibonéans. Ballance between the Lords of Law and Chaos is also a key theme in Moorcock's stories.
I-Am-Madbat Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
Does anyone actually like the Thalmor? I kill them every chance I get. 
I don't suppose I could interest you in several sets of Sons Of Skyrim armor, slightly used? No? Drat.
bigton Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013   Artist
There are some, sadly. Though they're rare. The Thalmor are my highest on the bounty/kill list! 

Bowen most likely would be interested. Slightly used as they are, they're still good sets of armor.
I-Am-Madbat Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
I always felt kinda sorry for the Sons of Skyrim. They're as racist as the Thalmore and don't even realize it.
bigton Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013   Artist
Well I guess it's rather authorized. the Thalmor want any trace of human-kind GONE. The Sons of Skyirm just want their home back. 
I-Am-Madbat Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
That's why I can at least sympathize with them, although I never join them.
I go out of my way to pound on Thalmor.
bigton Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013   Artist
It's mostly Ulfric that causes me to shy away, but I try to join. 

Thalmor die, whenever they cross me. Oh yes.
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